Elemental Trio: Acorn Life

Acorn Life, the debut from Elemental Trio, features guitarist David Lord (Solagget) accompanied by bassist Mark Foley and drummer Steve Hatfield performing eight electric tone poems. Many of the songs, Lord explains, began as jazz standards before morphing into polychordal forest songs. “Autumn Leaves” became the title track, “My Foolish Heart” became “Mini Fuzzy Hills,” and “There Is No Greater Love” became “Tiny Invisible Nymphs, Greeting Life.” 

Sometimes dark and unsettling, other times light-bathed and uplifting, Elemental Trio offers refuge from a world that begs for genre specific music––the jazz influences are undeniable but Acorn Life is not entirely a jazz album; the rock appeal is apparent but Acorn Life is not a rock album. But it is beautiful, meditative, and memorable. 

Whimisical and childlike, the music of Elemental Trio is compatible with other Lord-led projects including Francis Moss, The Wonder Revolution, and Solagget.

Catalog Number: ah003


All songs written by David Lord 

David Lord: guitar, bass VI
Mark Foley: double bass
Steve Hatfield: drums

recorded, mixed and mastered by Micajah Ryan and David Lord
at Air House Studios, Wichita, KS
copyright 2011

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