Ben Dipper: Burrowed in the Bedroom

“Burrowed in the Bedroom” is the brain-child of Lawrence, KS based musician and songwriter Ben Snook (Miki Moondrops, In Vivid, Sighs). With Ben Dipper, Snook ventures into new sonic territory. It’s his first project since Sighs where listeners will hear him sing; he delivers his most intimate, heartfelt collection of songs to date on debut album “Burrowed In the Bedroom”.

Blending affinities for glitch music, ambient music, and indie rock, Snook combines his influences into a meticulous, mind-massaging mixture of sincerity and balance. His delicate guitar playing, precisely-arranged drum programming, and all-too-honest vocal delivery catapults him to new innovative heights. Whether you are familiar with his past works or not, Ben Dipper is a must-listen in Snook’s portfolio.



Catalog Number: ah028


All songs written, recorded, produced, and mixed by Ben Snook
Ben Snook: vocals, guitars, bass, drums, percussion, piano, synth, sampling
Mastered by David Lord & Micajah Ryan at Air House Studios in Wichita, KS
Album photo by Madeline Niemackle
Album layout and design by Ben Snook
Additional bass and lyrics by Aaron Gable on "7x This Mourning"