The Wonder Revolution: Coucou

The 5th release from The Wonder Revolution collective, “Coucou”, is a 27 minute dream composition by David Lord featuring the spoken word of French visionary Claire Bera.  The repetitive classical guitar provides the foundation for a swirling soundscape of musical wonder.  Claire Bera guides the listener to a world in which humans are suddenly small enough to live under mushrooms.  Glimpses and images are gathered from the world in Claire’s imagination, piecing together a dreamlike understanding and experience of her vision.  Guest vocalists include Les Easterby, Chelsea Monette, Benjamin Hunt, Tora Hansjons, Carl Wilder & Mathias Hunt.    

Catalog Number: ah017


Claire Bera: spoken wordDavid Lord: guitars, keyboards, dulcimer, kalimba
Les Easterby: voice
Chelsea Monette: voice
Benjamin Hunt: spoken word
Tora Hansjons: spoken word
Carl Wilder: spoken word
Mathias Hunt: spoken word

recorded & mixed by David Lord at Air House Studios
mastered by Micajah Ryan at Air House Studios

album artwork by Lindsay Bowling