Miki Moondrops: Fuwa Fuwa Music

Fuwa Fuwa Music is the sophomore release from the collaboration between Miki Masuda Jarvis and David Lord.  An 8 track exploration of their distinctive brand of psychedelic indie-pop, Fuwa Fuwa Music embraces a more analog and grounded sound than that of their debut Vegetable Head, as the primary percussive duties are given drummer Will Erickson, with Ben Snook’s electronic wizardry serving as complimentary color rather than the rhythmic drive.
The virtuosity and idiosyncratic nature of the instrumentalists provide enough musical sophistication and weirdness to keep the pop hooks and ear candy interesting to those looking for something slightly experimental, without sacrificing the good vibes of the Miki Moondrops sound.
Lyrically, Fuwa Fuwa Music picks up where Vegetable Head left off, with songs about turtles, gnomes and mushrooms. The opening line of Shells- Give turtles a rub, shells have feelings too”, sung in both English and Japanese, might just be the hook of the summer.

Catalog Number: ah034


Miki Masuda Jarvis- vocals, bass
David Lord- guitar, synthesizers, bells, accordion, electronic percussion
Will Erickson- drums
Ben Snook- electronic percussion

recorded & mixed at Air House Studio in Wichita, KS
mastered by JJ Golden