Sighs: Happens

Debut, Happens, was first self released January 24, 2013,  at a pay-what-you-want quota featuring an immense plate of electro-acoustic abstractions. One could call it a “bedroom record”, but sighs explores nature and other miscellaneous sounds more than what the average record of this aesthetic does. 

​Draped in nostalgic textures, Sighs incorporates many elements of the mystique of field recordings, lo-fi bedroom recordings, and a great sense of melody. Eight minute standouts like “Mirrored Mosaics” touches on every one of those elements expanding into this dreamy interpretations of a halcyon neighborhood in July. Border-lining on this electro-acoustic improvisation, sighs sways in and out of layers and layers of organic cloudiness.

Catalog Number: ah013


all songs written and recorded by Benjamin Snook and Aaron Gable