Team Tremolo: Intruder

Spanning across a range of moods from major and airy to dissonant and devilish, Team Tremolo’s debut EP, Intruder, showcases emotionally charged compositions that transport listeners to a place where My Bloody Valentine and Ride swap shoes with Failure and A Perfect Circle. The combined effort of guitarist/drummer William Erickson, guitarist Kristyn Chapman, drummer Thayne Coleman, bassist Caleb Drummond, and vocalist Jenny Wood creates a distinctive musical identity informed by the ethereal tendencies of Kate Bush, the hazy, dejected state of grunge, and the dynamic space apparent in peak-era Sonic Youth. Recorded at Air House Studios in Wichita alongside veteran engineer Micajah Ryan (Bob Dylan, Megadeth, Guns N’ Roses) and Air House founder David Lord, the album exemplifies the intersection between alt-rock and shoegaze, blending pop sensibility with crushing, wall-of-sound atmospherics.    

Catalog Number: ah031


All songs written and arranged by William Erickson. Lyrics on tracks 1,4,5 by William Erickson. Lyrics on tracks 2,3 by Jenny Wood.
Recorded and mixed by Micajah Ryan at Air House. Mastered by JJ Golden.
Co-produced by William Erickson and Micajah Ryan.
Drums: William Erickson
Bass: Caleb Drummond
Guitar: Kristyn Chapman, William Erickson, Thayne Coleman
Vox: Jenny Wood.