The World Palestine: Let’s See Star B

The dream sequence continues with The World Palestine’s Let’s See Star B; an album that frames Easterby’s pop sensibility and songwriting ability at it’s center.  The straightforwardness of arrangements in TWP’s debut release are fleshed out in new and powerful ways – from surprising instrumentation to serpentine pop guitar and powerful, angular song arrangements – a host of new sounds to populate the landscape.  The ingenuity of bands like Owls and the charisma of Silver Jews combine with his own 60s fantasy fuzz rock universe grow The World Palestine into a terrain that is more lush and expansive than anyone knew…

Catalog Number: ah021


originally released in 2009.
written, performed, recorded & mixed by Les Easterby
Special guests:
Drew McClellan- sax on 2, 3 & 8
Cy Rogers- viola on 4 & 9
Phil Ross- euphonium on 8, Leavenworth on 5
Adam Phillips- trumpet on 8, keys on 10(b)
Ryan Rodine- Reverend Rhodes on 5