Ranging from material that is epic (“Anapanasati”) to mere slivers of time (“Haloperidol”) this collaboration offers a wide range of experiences for the listener to enjoy. LVRR brings together noise (Leavenworth) and bass (Cricket Wand) genius Phil Ross with master composer and keyboardist Ryan Rodine (Reverend Rhodes). Although reminiscent of the Sci-fi adventures of Reverend Rhodes’ other releases, LVRR has its own boundless voice that makes it one of the most singular releases within the Air House catalog but within independent music as well.

The 10 instrumental tracks that comprise this release undeniably fall under the umbrella of experimental music and yet are intelligent, focused, and memorable. Originally issued by Asoundesign Recordings, this must-hear collaboration gets a fresh lease on life from Air House.

Catalog Number: ah005


All songs by Ryan Rodine and Phil Ross.

Originally released in 2009 on asoundesign recordings; Re-released in 2012 on Air House Records, AH005

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