In Vivid: Resplendent

“Resplendent” is the sophomore release from producer, guitarist & vocalist Ben Snook.
Ben describes his new album as a good soundtrack for:
-opening your window to let the smell of rain drift in
-falling asleep into a great dream
-wondering about everything
-dancing like you just don’t care
-realizing that summer just began
-letting go
-not understanding calculus
-giving someone handpicked flowers
-curiously trying new foods
-walking across campus on a nice day to see your girlfriend
-just calming down
 -not worrying about it

Catalog Number: ah019


All songs written by Ben Snook
Ben Snook: producing, guitars.
Recorded & mixed by Ben Snook in his bedrooms
Mastered by Micajah Ryan & David Lord at Air House Studios in Wichita, KS.
Album art by Aaron Gable.
Album layout & design by Ben Snook.