Solagget: The Delivery

A gorgeously remastered edition of the 2005 classic album by Solagget, featuring David Lord (guitar), Sean Fanning (bass), and Aaron Fanning (drums). Having cemented the Solagget sound through via a long residency at the Shamrock Lounge in the band’s home base of Wichita, Kansas, the trio entered the famed Blue Heaven Studios in nearby Salina and emerged with six songs that sound as fresh and innovative today as they did nearly a decade ago.

Although influenced by bands such as The Sea and Cake and Tortoise, Solagget retains its stylistic independence––a rare band that truly defies categorization. Aaron Fanning’s powerful drumming imagines an intersection of Keith Moon and John McEntire; Sean Fanning’s unique bass lines are the perfect intersection of melodic and percussive and Lord’s clean, sunshine-drenched guitar figures are the melodic and emotional hook to compositions such as “The Delivery,” “The Discovery,” and “Finnhopen.”

Catalog Number: ah001


All songs written by Solagget

David Lord: electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards, bells
Sean Fanning: electric bass, double bass, bass VI, keyboards, acoustic guitar
Aaron Fanning: drums, percussion, cello

Recorded at Blue Heaven Studios
Produced, engineered and mastered by Micajah Ryan
Mixed by Micajah Ryan and Solagget
Assistant engineer: Travis Scanlan

Cover Art by David Lord

Originally released in 2005 on Air Adventure Records, AAR001; Re-released in 2011 on Air House Records, AH001