The Wonder Revolution: The Magic World

The Magic World is the 6th release from the collective and is their most ambitious work yet.  The album is a true collaboration between vocalist/percussionist Sam Hake, vocalist/guitarist/bassist Benjamin Hunt and guitarist David Lord.  Similar to Brian Wilson’s exploration of America in his Smile masterpiece, The Magic World takes the listener on a journey through an imaginary world via 20 songs spanned over 53 minutes.  Each song is a different land in The Magic World as the listener travels through Elephant Fairy Valley, The Invisible Forest, Land of The Firefly Canopies, Bub Sea, Gnomeland, Land of The Boulder Bungalows and so on.  This is a one of a kind concept album that is a pure joy to experience.  For a frame of reference, think The Never Ending Story meets The Sea and Cake and Wes Anderson.

Catalog Number: ah023


all songs written by Sam Hake, Benjamin Hunt and David Lord
Sam Hake: voice, percussion, drums
Benjamin Hunt: voice, acoustic guitar, bass, keyboard, percussion
David Lord: classical & electric guitar, bass, bells, synthesizers
Alisha Hunt, Laura Stephens, Chelsea Monette, Matt Mundinger, Tristyn Brotton & Benjamin David: voice
Aaron Fanning: drums
Thayne Coleman: drums