In Vivid

In Vivid is the brainchild of Kansas native Benjamin Snook (sighs, MURALS, The Wonder Revolution). Snook kindles a certain sense of nostalgic texture intermixed with a penchant for beats. Releases A Delicate Balance (2014) and Resplendent (2015) take listeners on an inward journey of dreamy transcendence, emotion, and perception. Snook presents earthy vibrations across a spectrum of electronic genres. Veins of ambient, minimal, and progressive all emit from the warm, poignant tracks Snook crafts. A familiarity and character stems from each cut Snook produces despite the minimal use of vocals. Much like the project’s name suggests, In Vivid casts incredibly articulate depictions of colorful nature, miraculous life, and wonderful pulsations.


  • In Vivid

  • In Vivid


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