Francis Moss

Francis Moss is the solo project and pseudonym of guitarist David Lord (Solagget, The Wonder Revolution, Miki Moondrops, Elemental Trio). Bridging the distance between jazz, rock, and experimental music, Lord creates meditative soundscapes with Francis Moss with attention to concise compositions and clean melodic lines. Although still recognizable as Lord, the music of Francis Moss resides in its own unique space.

Francis Moss serves as an alter ego–a vehicle for Lord to channel his love of nature and the forest. His five LPs are each a particular musical representation of different aspects of the forest, whether that be trees, mushrooms or moss. Each album is a world of its own, while sharing the Lydian based musical system that Lord has spent much of his musical life developing.

Francis Moss is a blend of dreamy moods, virtuosic guitar and melodic hooks.



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    El Yunque


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