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scandal coverPaper Airplanes’ tale is of two records. The freshman Boyhood was met with wide critical acclaim and hinted at more wonderful things to come. When they did come with Scandal, Scandal, Scandal Down in the Wheat Field, Paper Airplanes’ tenure was over, and the record never saw the light of day. That is, until now.

Boyhood was largely comprised of home recordings created by Paper Airplanes’ core members, teenage songwriter Marcus Stoesz, bass player Anthony Piazza, and drummer Nathan Wilder. It was first released in 2005 in Wichita, but was soon picked up by veteran indie rock label 54 40 or Fight!. The single “The Fences” was a perfect college radio anthem, and it garnered significant airplay across the country. The album received enthusiastic write-ups from blogs and magazines including Pitchfork, Coke Machine Glow, Magnet, Spin, and Tiny Mix Tapes.

The band grew into a six piece touring band with a rotating cast and toured extensively for Boyhood. They even played a showcase for Capitol Records, and it was rumored that the choice lied between Paper Airplanes and the Decemberists. Though the majors passed, the band continued to work, tour, and record extensively for three more years.

While Boyhood was the opening cry of an ambitious group of musicians, Scandal is the portrait of a band at their technical and creative best. From start to finish, the lyrics provide a narrative of murder and divine justice while weaving their way through the confident arrangements. Within the album’s epic scope lie some great songs, including “Belovedaire”, “Killer Goes to College”, and “Assembly”.   After the fifty minute ride it comes to an unsettling finish when our narrator, perhaps delusional, speaks, “you and I seem to do things right, and now everything’s alright.” It’s a fitting closing statement on a record that seems to do a lot of things right.

Scandal saw a limited release of three hundred hand-made copies in 2009, which the band exclusively sold at shows. The deal with 54 40 or Fight! fell through and the band put the official release on hold. Soon after Wilder and Piazza moved to Kansas City and Stoesz moved to San Francisco, and in the next four years the memory of Scandal faded away.

As part of an effort to showcase great Wichita area bands and musicians, Air House Records proudly presents Paper Airplanes’ Scandal, Scandal, Scandal Down in the Wheat Field, set for a release on November 19th, 2013.

Date posted: October 7, 2013


Coming Together For A Cure, Vol. 2 is a project curated by Ryan Benton, 27, of Wichita, KS. Benton was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy when he was three years old; he was given a life expectancy of late teens to early twenties. With the help of adult stem cell therapy, Benton has seen his symptoms reverse with no negative side effects whatsoever. This is especially noteworthy, considering Muscular Dystrophy is widely considered to have no known cure. 

 “In the fall of 2008 I traveled to Costa Rica to be treated for the first time with adult stem cells. I had to travel out of country because the all natural treatment was then and currently now not available in the states. After receiving my first treatment I began gaining back strength and have since gone back on seven separate trips for continued treatment. 

Stem Cell Therapy is the first form of medicine that has ever truly helped with the digression of this disease. Stem Cell Therapy is one of the most promising and revolutionary forms of medicine to date. I can attest to this first hand after seeing the positive effects it has had on my debilitating health. Along with my disease it has shown great promise and potential in treating other fatal diseases. We need to embrace this remarkable form of medicine here in the U.S. and outlaw its ban. I am almost certain that without these treatments I would not be alive today. “ – Ryan Benton

Benton has teamed up with Air House Records to put together a benefit compilation featuring fifteen amazing tracks from national artists such as Thee Oh Sees, Cave Singers, Elf Power, Shine Brothers (former member of Black Angels) and members of Dr. Dog. Proceeds will go entirely towards helping fund adult stem cell therapy and research.  

 Coming Together For A Cure, Vol. 2 tracklist:
1. Miracle Days – Miracle Days*
features former members of Dusty Rhodes and The Riverband and current member of Hunter Hunted
Springs – Waste My Time*
features current members of Dr. Dog
3. Thee Oh Sees – The Factory Reacts*
from San Francisco, CA
4. The Wonder Revolution – Cloud Wonder Sky*
features members of The World Palindrome and Solagget
5. Music Wrong – Clyde*
from San Francisco, CA, former member of Paper Airplanes
6. Student Film – Facts and Values
from Norman, OK
7. Shine Brothers – So Many People
features former members of Black Angels and Woven Bones
8. Elf Power – 1494*
of Elephant 6 fame
9. Cave Singers – Ohio Nights*
from Seattle, WA, featuring former members of Pretty Girls Make Graves
10. Golden Boots – Be My Champ*
featuring current members of Dr. Dog
11. Gentle Ghost – Oblivion Tide
from Norman, OK
12. Sleeping in the Aviary – Long Gone*
from Minneapolis, MN
13. Sunshine Dreamers – Empty Nest*
from Wichita, KS, featuring compilation curator Ryan Benton
14. Bellafonte – Sea of Trees*
from Wichita, KS
15. Beau Jennings & the Tigers – Sweet Action
from Norman, OK

*previously unreleased

Release Date: October 29, 2013





Upcoming Release: Coming Together For A Cure, Vol. 2

Date posted: September 11, 2013